Mike Defensor status as a House panel chair

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Anakalusugan Party List Representative Mike Defensor as a House panel chair .On an interview with Mike Tan Defensor he was asked about his status at the house if what happens to him now that there’s a change in leadership .

Mike defensor is not sure since they have made several changes but they haven’t heard yet from the speaker about the Committee on public accounts but then the speaker will choose among his supporters who he wants to be placed as a committee.

Mike has no problem on whatever decision and is ready to be removed as Chair of Public Accounts Committee.

He was also asked if he is now supporting the new speaker . Mike answered that He is supporting the new speaker but he also understand if he is comfortable with a person.

Photo credit : ABSCBN zoom interview

“The Speaker will of course choose among his supporters kung sino ang gusto niyang mapunta dito sa mga kometing itohe said. “Okay naman sa akin . Whatever will be the decision.”

According to Mike defensor he is not aware of the agreements between Cayetano and Velasco.

One issue that being discussed on the interview is the 2021 National Budget.

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