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Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo on her Finances now that shes married!

Photo credit: Matteo Guidicelli Instagram

Sarah and Matteo shock the public with excitement as they both vow to be with each other last February 20,2020.

Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli is now the one saving and budgeting her earned money after 20 years in showbiz . Sarah admitted that after the wedding she became more matured because theres alot of things she needs to learn now that shes married.

The popstar royalty is new in handling finances because when Sarah started her career as singer and actress its her mommy devine who is handling her income.

Sarah said ” To be honest, na expedite ‘yung adulting ko. Ngayon ko lang na-experience how to handle my own finances, how to budget, how to invest,”

Despite the issue between Sarah and Mommy Devine because of the secret wedding , Sarah is very thankful to her mom for all the things she did for their family. “Ang mama ko po talaga kung kaya niya gawin ang lahat, gagawin niya para sa mga anak niya. Ganu’n siya ka loving sa mga anak niya, so ngayon natututunan ko na lahat, with the help of my husband.

“I grew up na very dependent talaga sa aking parent, kasi talagang grabe naman talaga mag alaga ang aking mama and daddy.

“I keep reminding myself now na hindi na ako single. I have to accept na hindi na ako single” .

Sarah is now prioritizing her marriage, Matteo and the family they will be building together .

Sarah and Matteo Guidicelli inspired everyone how they fight for love. Sarah and Matteo is now enjoying the married life and they are very happy in each other’s arm.

The couple are previously spotted doing grocery and buying kitchen stuff as they start their journey in the married life and recently went for a vacation in Amanpulo with the Belo Family.

Love wins for this couple .

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