Update: The truth about Caffey Namindang “Makaganda” and Merck Christian Grey “Makagwapo”! Makaganda’s secret lover.


photo credit :Merch Christian Grey’s Facebook

As we all know Caffey Namindang a.k.a  Makaganda  and Merck Christian Grey a.k.a  Makagwapo already settled their issue with regards to their properties through Raffy Tulfo in Action. When Raffy Tulfo asked makaganda if there’s  any chance that they can be together again , Makaganda said its over .

Now we will know what’s the real reason behind it. Merck in his facebook live said that he already know what’s the reason why their relationship is not going to be fix because one of his friend is not just comforting Caffey but he is also his secret lover.

Tristan Centeno is Merck’s friends who’s been with him during the issue . On Merck’s facebook page he posted a screenshots of conversations  from Tristan Centeno’s  ex-girlfriend Ma. Allysa Therese Bocalan . Some of the screenshot conversation are from Tristan’s mom , Caffey’s mother Liza Namindang and Caffey “Makaganda” .

photo credit :Merch Christian Grey’s Facebook
Caffey’s mother

On the screenshot conversation, Makaganda use a dummy account “Ronalyn Sebastian” so that no one will know about them however Tristan’s facebook account was logged in to his ex-girlfriends phone and took a screenshot on all their recent conversations.

photo credit :Merch Christian Grey’s Facebook

Caffey and Tristan’s conversation

photo credit :Merch Christian Grey’s Facebook

Tristan’s Mom Conversation
Caffey Namindang is “IDANG”

You can check the full screenshot pictures on Merck Christian Grey’s Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/100000412868264/posts/3665332243490502/?app=fbl

What do you think about Makaganda’s accusations about Makagwapo now that these screenshot pictures are out?

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