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Alex Gonzaga’s Breast Dance Challenge Criticized By Family & Mikee Morada Online

Alex Gonzaga a well known Kapamilya actress and social media influencer in the field of Vlogging industry having a jolly and comedian type of personality, recently uploaded in her vlog a #breast dance challenge which elicit more than 400 thousands likes and 12 thousands comments on her instagram post

But the performed breast dance challenge by Alex has been criticized by her family member as well as by her former boyfriend Mikee Morada

In a text massages sends by Mike to Alex , he quoted ”Ano naman yan bi. Pangit nung ginawa mo”

It is like Mikee felt unhappy about the action taken by his fiancee

Alex mother, Mommy Pinky on the other describes her on her Tiktok video as bold star wherein she immediately scolded to delete the video

”Para kang bold star. Hindi ko alam na binaba mo t-shirt mo. Delete mo na”

Tony Gonzaga also sends negative comments quoting ”Wala na naman sa wisyo to ah”

Click here to watch the Breast Dance Challenge of Alex Gonzaga

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