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BREAKING NEWS: Alleged 23 Dead After Taking Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Shots In Norway

Breaking News, 23 dead after allegedly taking Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in Norway.

Pfizer a well-known pharmaceutical company in the world located in the USA and also one of the pioneers of formulating coronavirus vaccine pandemic.

According to reports, 13 of the 23 dead are ranging from age 80 years old and above.

Dr. Sigurd Hortemo, chief physician of Norwegian Medicine agency the common reaction of

the vaccine are high fever and vomiting which could add more suffering victim and lead to their death.

Pfizer Biotech Vaccine

After the news arises the health official still put their trust in the vaccine and implement tight screening for those who are deserving to be injected by the vaccine.

Almost 30,000 Norwegian already received the first shots of COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna.

Pfizer already coordinated to the Norwegian Health Department to conduct further investigation regarding the incident.

Meanwhile, previous reports had been that also after taking Pfizer shots some patients experience numbness of their faces but this is just mere allegations and in-depth investigations are now immediately conducted.

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