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FULL VIDEO: Vlogger Tim Sawyer Allegedly Hits China Roces After Caught Cheating With Other Woman

Viral now in social media is the latest video of vlogger Tim Sawyer caught hitting a woman.

Tim Sawyer is a famous vlogger and becomes well known for his comedy skits with the collaboration of famous social media influencers.

In the video you can witness the two ladies fighting each other and allegedly one of them is China Roces the former partner of Sawyer.

The bad there is that Sawyer attempts to hit the woman with is a clear violation of the law, he will be liable to violence against women.

According to previous reports and videos from Youtube, the male vlogger is considered to be a womanizer and shows an arrogant attitude but this is just mere allegations.

Meanwhile, the video become trending and some netizens hope this video clip will go up to Raffy Tulfo In Action to give justification and clarification on what really happens.


Tim Sawyer Hits China Roces

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