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Leak Video Of China Roces Fight W/ Other Woman Which Allegedly Tim Sawyer New GF Viral Online

Top trending now in social media sites is the recent uploaded video of FHM model China Roces fight with other woman inside a room which allegedly reported as Tim Sawyer new girlfriend

In a short video clip, we can witness the two woman brawling inside the sleeping quarter room with a man standing in front of them wearing yellow cap and white jacket

According to source the one woman who brawl is China Roces which is Tim Sawyer former partner. The other woman is allegedly Sawyer new girlfriend

The man standing in front of them wearing yellow cap and white jacket is Tim Sawyer, as well known vlogger and social media influencer

This is not the first time Sawyer involves in a controversial third party issue against legal partner, Roces

As far as we remembered, Sawyer was previously involved in a controversial issue when partner Roces had a major argument with him that was shared live on his Facebook account. Revealing that Sawyer wanted to leave her and their five months old son

Roces even exposes that he bought his own car and house without her knowledge. Not only that Roces also caught him chatting online with different woman

Up until their issue was brought to Raffy Tulfo In Action program, a famous public service show hosted by Raffy Tulfo wherein their disputes were settled by Tulfo and put to an end

Now, this is another controversy involved by Sawyer that will surely give impact and critics to him as a social media influencer

Watch here

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