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SOLID EVIDENCE!!: Actual CCTV Footage Christine Dacera Seen Kissing Valentine Rosales One Of The Suspects

At last, the missing link finally be revealed wherein Christine Dacera seen kissing one of the suspects.

Christine Dacera a flight attendant found dead in a certain hotel amid New Year celebration.

Police reports stated she is a victim of gang [email protected] and the actual cause of death is a ruptured aneurysm this is based on the victim autopsy report.

The authorities had already identified the 11 suspects, 3 detailed, 8 still at large.

PNP gives 72 hours to the remaining suspects to voluntarily surrender or else they will take extra measures to captured them whatever it takes.

The actual CCTV footage shows that Dacera and the suspects rushing together in one room.

Here are the photos:

To our dear readers, we cannot show you the whole video because it is against our policy but we provide you the link.



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