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VIRAL NOW: Gwendolyn Kim Reveals Identity Of Pension House Sheikh Hammad Samson And Girl Qiarah Jean

Viral now in social media is the recent rant of netizen named Gwendolyn Kim which reveals the controversial post #pension boy and girl.

According to her post the identity of the two are Sheikh Hammad Samson a.k.a. pension boy and Quiarah Jean.

The controversial post becomes trending online for almost an hour posted in social media the post garnered a thousand shares and elicits various comments online.


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Meanwhile look the photos here:

Pension Girl and Boy

This is a clear story of cheating acts done by her boyfriend cheater to another woman.

Guys, no secret cannot be discovered in the end better be faithful and stick to one.

Look at the link we give to you because our website does not support this kind of content but it is for the awareness to all and serve as a warning for our cheater readers out there.

Second, in line with Google Adsense policy, we cannot disclose the real conversation due to malicious content. Thank you for understanding our dear readers.

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Please look at the link down below:



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