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VIRAL NOW: Pinky Webb “Hair Flip” After Handling Harry Roque Meltdown

Viral! news anchor Pinky Webb “hair flip” after a heated argument with presidential spokesman Harry Roque.

In the video you can witness the issue started when Webb asked Roque about 1989 UP-DND Agreement wherein it states that the government troops must notify first the UP administration before entering the campus premises.

University Of The Philippines one of the biggest collegiate school in the country is said to be the nest of communism wherein they allegedly nurtured activism and insurgency.

Webb to Roque “Where is your honor, excellence?”, Roque was triggered and stated as if the news anchor will follow what Arao said.

Despite the heated conversation Webb maintain her composure and remain professional despite of the presidential spokesman tantrum.

After a moment the Webb just haired flip wherein netizens contemplates this action to “whatever”.

The iconic hair flip becomes viral both on Facebook and twitter.


Harry Roque and Pinky Webb Rant

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