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Watch: 4 Story House Mansion And Rest House Of Raffy Tulfo Viral Online

Viral now in social media community is the recent uploaded vlog of a four story house mansion and rest house of a well known anchorman, Raffy Tulfo

Rafael “Raffy Teshiba Tulfo a.k.a Raffy Tulfo a well-known Filipino public service journalist whose work focuses on government and private sector issues. He can be watched as an anchorman in Wanted sa Radyo with Sharee Roman, a television program which focuses on aiding the poor and help those people suffered from margenalised with domestic affairs and societal injusticies

Meanwhile, according to Engr. Victor Sanchez, the four story house mansion of Raffy Tulfo will be estimated to finish as of September 2021. Not only that the mansion was built with earthquake resistance feature having 5 car garage on entrance and 11 car carage on back as well as built with elevator

While his rest house which is located in the province having a land area of 75, 000 square meter is still under the plan of construction which Tulfo’s plans to build with swimming pool, fanction hall and firing shooting range

Watch here for full details

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