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WATCH: A Creepy “Bakla” Word From A Mysterious Woman During Gregorio De Guzman Interview

In the recent interview of Gregorio De Guzman with Alvin Elchico in DZMM, there is a mysterious voice appears saying “Bakla” from a anonymous woman.

Christine Dacera a flight attendant that meet her demise during the celebration of New Year and found dead inside the bathtub. Police reports the victim suffered ruptured aneurysm that lead to her death.

But the pinpointed reason Dacera experience gang [email protected] with eleven 11 men as suspects.

During the conversation Gregorio gives detailed information what really happened during that day and prove his innocence on the case.

The video becomes viral wherein netizens stated the scenario is a so frightening and some believe it is the ghost of Christine seeking redemption for what happened to her.

Update: The PNP through P. Gen. Debold Sinas gives 72 hours ultimatum 3 days to be exact to the suspects to surrender themselves on the local police station or else the police department will do all means to capture them.

Some of the suspects pledge full cooperation on the case after the subpoena will be issued by the court.

Meanwhile recent news arrived that the court issues release of the 3 detained suspects due to lack of evidence.

We will give you updates on the case soon.

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Gregorio Dacera Bakla

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