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FULL VIDEO: Armed Ex-Pulis “Jayson Tuason” Harassed And Beat A Certain Civilian Carl Cariño Jr. For Way Dispute

Viral now in social media is the latest dispute of Ex-police Jayson Tuason versus a civilian over way dispute.

According to Carl Cariño the up loader of the video, he narrated that they are just they are just cleaning with his sibling in front of their house and decided to put the trash in front of their property.

Here comes the ex police and tried to park in front of their property but for them it is okay because there is no one in the house, Carl requested to park his car above because they are still cleaning.

The police then gets angry and tried to punch him and luckily he has a long nose pliers in his possession and the police hesitated to hurt him.

Jayson (police) then goes to his car and get his gun then provoked for a fist fight, the civilian do not argued and remain silent because the police is now armed and he might shoot him.

The ex police also hurt his sister and punch her head, which a sign of physical injury.

The video received a thousand views and shares in social media.

Let us watch the full video here:


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