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FULL VIDEO: PDEA Actual Drug Buy Bust Operation In Parañaque Trending Online

Police Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) recently conducted a drug buy bust operation against two suspect in Parañaque.

Illegal drug trade is considered to be a primary problem in the world, wherein it can be considered a social cancer wherein every day many people are addicted to drugs.

Drug By Bust is a process of which a police officer dressed up like a civilian and buy illegal contraband to their aimed suspect.

In the video you can witness the PDEA agent and two suspects conducted a transaction to sell drugs and after their talk the suspects hand in the drug as well the police officer hand in the money, after one of the suspect accepts the money and tries to leave the car, the officer suddenly grab his hand and handcuffed them both.

Let us watch the full video down below:

Please click the link here


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