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TRENDING: Juancho Triviño “Never Give Up” Chat To Be In Romance With Joyce Pring

Trending now in social media is the latest viral chat of Kapuso artist Juancho Triviño showing “Never Give Up” character to be in a romance with female vlogger Joyce Pring.

In the chat, you can notice that the male actor was seen zoned, friend-zoned, and rejected by Joyce but still, he pursue his pure intentions towards Pring.


Juancho always initiated the chat but it seems that Joyce is not interested at all, but look at how they are happily married and expecting a baby soon.

This story shows to all gentleman out there that does not give up if you have pure intentions to a woman do not be afraid of rejections show you care and persevere because a woman will be based on your actions not on your flowery words.

A true man will pursue and be serious if he wants the woman to be his wife and the mother of his children.

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