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Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: 2 Children In Worst Condition After Maltreated & Tortured By Stepmom

Top trending now in social media sites about the tragic situation happened to the two young children who became a captive of maltreatment and torture at the hands of their heartless stepmom named Norma Truita

According to Eric Agustin, father of two young children, Norma has forcedly opposed him not to visit his two children in their room for the reason that he might infect them by corona virus disease since he mingle with different types of people everyday as security guard personnel

He even narrated that often times his live in partner is using alibis or sometimes threaten him if he insist to visit them

Unfortunately, Eric stood in shock after known the truth and seen the worst physical condition of his two children after badly beaten by his live in partner without his foreknowledge

Eric brought up the issue to Raffy Tulfo in Action program to file complaint and legal liability against his live in partner, Norma, after what she did to his children

Meanwhile, Raffy Tulfo lambasted Eric for never suspected Norma despite her prompt alibis that something fishy was already happening to his children

Upon the interrogation conducted by Raffy to Norma, the cruel woman fall in tears and falsified that issue that she did not maltreated and tortured her step children

Watch here for more details

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