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Watch Raffy Tulfo in Action: Old Lady To Face Legal Charges After Assaulted A Transgender Person

Viral now in social media community about the latest issue tackled by Raffy Tulfo in Action (RTIA) program between an old woman who assaulted and condemned a transgender person named Alexis Garcia

On the video presented by RTIA, we can witness an old woman pointing out her finger and talking harsh and condemn words against the transgender person like ”Lumayas ka dito, alis ka dito. Impyerno ka eh! Ikaw ang highblood eh puro retoke ‘yang katawan mo eh!”

She even assaulted the trans person by throwing stone on him

In an interview of Raffy Tulfo, Alexis mentioned that he received threat from the old woman to shot him

Meanwhile, Raffy Tulfo declare on air that he will file a legal case against the old woman after a disrespectful manner and actual assault she committed to Alexis

After Alexis showed up to RTIA, many more complainants appear and discloses the same experiences and issues like Alexis and demanded to file legal case against the old woman

Watch here for more details

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