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Mother To File Case Against Companions After An Epic Failed Prank Led To Son Critical Drowned Incident

Ralph Valdez Agramon a viral teenager who was a victim by an epic failed prank by his friends which causes to his critical drowned incident in a swimming pool

In a shared video we can witness Ralph being turned around several times by a group of men while laughing doing their prank near the pool and then later on push him in the water which causes to loss his sense of balance to swim leading to his drowned incident

Instead to pull him out of the pool seeing his crucial condition, his friends mere enjoying his scenario while they were taking the video

Ralp was now in a safety condition after assisted by some concerned netizen in the area and run to the nearest hospital

In a Facebook post of Razel Yorsua Valdez aunt of Ralp, she expresses her anguish after a life to death incident happened to his nephew and lambasted his friends for not even one of them pay to visit and help him but still his family was the one who is in his side during his crucial condition

And Valdez leave a message to everybody quoting ”Lesson Learned”

Meanwhile. Cecil Valdez Agramon Mother of Ralp ask help to Raffy Tulfo in Action to file a legal case against his son’s companions after a life to death incident happened to her son

Watch here to know the course of action that shall be taken by king of public service Raffy Tulfo

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