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Vlogger ”The Hungry Syrian Wonderer” Shows Dream House For Family In Laguna

Basel Manadil professionally known as ” The Hungry Syrian Wonderer” shows in his vlog the beautiful place of Laguna where he wanted to build the dream home for his family

”I finally found this paradise where I can see building my family’s dream home!”-Manadil said in his vlog

Manadel is a Syrian Vlogger and content creator, noted for his positive views on the Philippines and work to victims of natural disaster

He is known for his videos on his efforts to provide relief goods for the victims of natural disaster such as 1000 blankets to victims of the 2019 Cotabato Earthquakes and other necessities for the people affected by 2020 Taal Volcano Eruption

He started his YouTube channel where he drew attention in July 2019 for a video he released that praised the Philippines and its economy. Due to his popularity and positive views of the country he has been dubbed as the ”Adopted son of the Philippines”

Up until now, Mandali never stops of showing his generosity, kindness and support to the Filipino community despite racial differences

Watch here:

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