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Watch Viral: Cyclist “Alias [email protected]*st” Scandalously Caught In Public Doing Something On Beggar Lady

Viral now in social media sites about the latest uploaded video of certain Cyclist named Wilmor Galario Y Gallego who criticizes and lambasted by netizens because of his scandalous action

In a Facebook user named “League Mobile MVP” they shared the scandalous video of Gallego and wrote a caption saying “Huli ka Baboy!!! with an angry emoji attached

The Facebook user expresses their rage and dismay against the immoral action of Gallego

Meanwhile on their shared video, we can witness Gallego’s malicious action on a beggar lady as if he has no care even though he was in a public area

And some netizens who boarded in a private car crossing on that area was caught him on act doing something on a beggar lady which they immediately took a video and lambasted him as pervert

Gallego then immediately walked away and boarded to his bicycle

As of now Gallego was detend in prison as he face a legal charge of rape

Click this link to see the video: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2609352592696190

Some Facebook user also expresess their rage against Gallego’s scandalous act

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