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LIVE STREAM AND BLOG: Miss Universe 2020 Grand Coronation Night| At Hard Rock Hotel Florida May 16, 2021 (May 17) Pacific Time

Live stream and blog here, Miss Universe 2020 Grand Coronation Night at Semihole Hard Rock Hotel Florida.

Miss Universe is the most celebrated beauty pageant around the world.

74 women confidently beautiful showcase their uniqueness and x factor to be called Miss Universe.

Hosted by Mario Lopez and Maria Culpo. Pauline Vega and Demi Peters as analyst and Cherlie Cryst as backstage correspondent.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic many beauty pageant was cancelled for the reason of strict quarantine purposes to stop spreading of the virus. Now the time has come for their women selected best by their countries.

Here are the respected judges to select the next crowned Miss Universe:

  • Arden Cho – American actress, singer and model
  • Brook Lee – Miss Universe 1997 from the United States, American actress, television host and model
  • Christine Duffy – American businesswoman, president of Carnival Cruise Line
  • Deepica Mutyala – American entrepreneur, businesswoman, and founder and CEO of Live Tinted
  • Keltie Knight – Canadian television personality, actress, and former professional dancer
  • Sheryl Adkins-Green – American Exec VP/Chief Marketing Officer at Mary Kay.
  • Tatyana Orozco – Colombian economist from Universidad de los Andes
  • Zuleyka Rivera – Miss Universe 2006 from Puerto Rico, TV host, dancer, model (Source Wikipedia)

Kindly watch the live stream down below:

Miss Universe 2020 Live Here Via Youtube

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Will the Filipina beauty and representative Rabiya Mateo can grab the crown lets find out.

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