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Court Issue A Petition Favoring Viva Films Over Actress Nadine Lustre

Court supports contract of Nadine Lustre with Viva films.

To address the issue the court issue a petition favoring Viva films against actress Nadine Lustre.

According to Viva films legal counsel Atty. Paolo Roxas, he quoted that Lustre is still under contract with Viva films and she cannot do endorsements and other project without the approval of Viva.

“As provided by her contract, any issue raise by Nadine against Viva should be the subject of arbitration proceedings,” Roxas added.

Viva strongly urged that the actress cannot act on her own because she is still binded with them.

“She cannot terminate the contract just by her own will” as stated by the court.

However in the side of Lustre, Atty. Lorna Kapunan remains calm and positive that they can still win the case.

“We still consider it a victory since Viva was not able to get her hard\-earned money during the time of her self-management; no attachment and garnishments to her property and savings, the question of termination of her contract will have to go through the process of labor arbitration” Kapunan quoted.

Viva is one the key factors of Nadine Lustre shine in the industry by giving her a chance to be feature in famous wattpad story “Diary Ng Panget” together with her ex boyfriend James Reid.

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