JUST IN: Dota2 Shoutcaster Aldrin “Dunoo” Pangan A.K.A. “Kuya D” Succumbs To COVID-19


Famous shout caster on the Dota2 scene Aldrin “Dunoo” Pangan a.k.a. Kuya D succumbs to COVID-19.

Kuya D becomes famous on his funny character references during casting the game and one of the legendary chat wheel is “Lagad Matatag Normalin Normalin” with his fellow caster Boss Lon.

The legendary Filipino caster Kuya D

He also becomes iconic in his casting with the known greatest upset of E sports scene where the local Philippine based Dota 2 team defeated the European giants and two time Major champions “OG” last 2016.

A day ago he posted that he is suffering from severe cough and difficulty of breathing added by he experience also lack of sleep.

“Ilang araw na walang tulog .. konting higa ubo aabutin walang hinto hanggang mawalan ng hangin di ko na alam dapat gawin.. ilang days na walang tulog sana mataposna lahat to,”

He also shared that despite of his effort he cannot find any hospitals to accommodate him because all of them are full.

“Sobrang hirap naman magkasakit … nung isang araw pa ako naghahanap ng hospital puro puno ..”

Until earlier this day the caster has been reported dead due to the deadly virus.

The virus is real and everyone must take precautions and follow the proper health protocol as advised by the health department to ensure safety.

The Philippine Dota2 community send deepest and sincere condolences to the family of Pangan.

Another legend had succumb to this deadly virus, Rest In Peace Kuya D.

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