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KMJS: Aswang Caught By CCTV Footage In Ilo-Ilo City What Is The Truth Behind?

In the latest story of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho “KMJS”, the program features a phenomenal incident wherein an alleged “Aswang” rooming around freely in a certain barangay in Ilo-Ilo city.

According to eyewitnesses, there is a being crawling towards them and it looks like a monster.

This is proven by CCTV footage wherein an entity is crawling towards a woman doing laundry and on the other side, an alleged supernatural being is caught jumping around the house.

What is the truth about this incident? Let’s find out.

Eyewitness stated “Nagulat lang ako, nung gabi na ginanyan nya ako, iniwasan nya ako, nagbalik sya sa akin at parang inano nya ako eh, kaya akala nya siguro matakot nya ako”

She added she knows the real intent of the aswang which her granddaughter is pregnant.

She also stated that during the night time she here the “Tik tik tik” sound the believes the noise of the “Aswang”.

Let’s watch the full video and find the truth here:

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