“I Was Fearing For My Life” Actor Jake Cuenca Breaks Silence On The Car Crash Issue


Actor Jake Cuenca recently made news due to his involvement in a car crash incident which leads to hurting one delivery rider.

According to initial reports, Jake crash into another car and run away despite ice officers stopping him because of that one police officer fires his gun and accidentally hit a delivery rider.

The Kapamilya actor explained “For at the moment I was thinking an I was fearing for my life, he added he is going to his fellow actor Paulo Avelino house.

His instinct ordered him to move forward.

With regards to sideswiping the police cars, the actor answered he did not feel that he hit the car, “Naguguluhan din kami kung saan nangyari yung banga, for me my car has no scratch at all”

He promise to help the delivery rider who is hit by a stray bullet during the incident but opened up that he is traumatized about what happens considering that fact that is it his first time experiencing it.


FULL VIDEO: Actor Jake Cuenca Arrogant Behavior Leaves Collateral Damage, Gen.Eleazer Promised To Punish The Actor

Multiple gun shots hit his car, if unlucky the incident will cause his life.

The actor is ready to face the charges filed against him by the local police authorities in the area.

It was remembered that P.Gen. Eleazer promised that the actor will pay for his alleged arrogant behavior.


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