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WATCH: Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho “KMJS” Gabi ng Lagim Ix| “Quarantine Hotel”

Watch here live Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho “KMJS” entitle quarantine hotel.

Paranormal activities in a certain hotel in Cebu city amid pandemic lockdown.

A group of call center agents is been experiencing hair-standing encounters with ghosts specifically a child.

According to witnesses “Gino” wherein his third -eye awakens during his first entry in the hotel he senses something heavy and spotted a child in the side of his friend.

Next, it seems like the place is getting smaller and even though the room is near, they find it is hard to reach.

A witness also testified that he is going to shave in the c.r. then suddenly the shower turns on and saw footprints inside, he also take a video of it.

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