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NBI Nabbed BIR Staff “Reynan Hechanova” Over Extortion Towards A Certain Businessman In Dipolog City

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) recently conducted an entrapment operation to catch a certain BIR staff “Reynan Hechanova” over alleged extortion towards a businessman in Dipolog City.

According to the victim the suspect called him to inform that he is liable of taxes amounting to 4 million pesos and could go up higher to 6million including penalties.

The businessman considered the amount so big and pleaded for tax adjustments, but he was surprised that the suspect calls him to settle the tax deficiency provided he will pay 400k php.

He (businessman) agreed but secretly goes to the NBI to seek help amid this fraudulent event and the staff of the law enforcement agency planed to catch the target in the act.

During the event the suspect received the mark money and the bureau agent’s arrest him immediately.

According to NBI chief in charge, he urges that if you happened to experience the same event do not hesitate to report to the Bureau, so that they will learn their lesson and as an example also.

Hechanova will face charges from the CSC and a clear violation of Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, and the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Government Officials and Employees

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