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REASON WHY: Alleged Seth Fedelin And Andrea Brillantes Rumored Break-Up, Rift Between Francine And Andrea Arising?

Trending now in social media is the rumored rift between actress Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz which the pointed reason is the young actor Seth Fedelin.

These three celebrities becomes famous in the Kapamilya hit series “Kadenang Ginto” together with Dimples Romana and Beauty Gonzales.

The issue started when Seth is seen spending his time with Francine’s family last December.

The picture garnered various reactions and questions about why does the actor is in the house of Diaz.

In the actor’s post, there is a caption “Seth is with Chin family my heart is full with joy”.


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Upon seeing the photos Andrea posted some cryptic post stating she is not in the mood and allegedly unfollows Francine.

The issue is not confirmed yet but it is speculated to be a love triangle.

However, the fans of Francine defended the actress for addressing Andrea to settle the issue and also clarify what is really happening now between the two of them.

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