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Rebuilding The Philippines From Tragedy

A wrathful movement just to reach millions of people wounded, starving and homeless cause of super typhoon in the Philippines. Now they begin stand and rise again after the severe disaster.

They say it will cost billions of dollars to reinstate the societies destroyed by Super Typhoon Yolanda out more than fifteen days ago in the Philippine responsibilities. That crippled and killed over 5,200 people.

Yolanda is the most powerful typhoon ever in history that sustained winds at 315 Kilometers (195 miles) an hour. That brings storm surge and washed out the entire affected inland.

Confirming to those people who survived in the Typhoon, the only priority is to give affected people an immediate result due by the storm. And one of the mainly focus is on the Eastern islands of Leyte and Samar that were now the poorest country to be developed.

Other Countries joined a big international relief exertion, which urgently supplying foods, water, medicines and other emergency materials to produce to the people who are isolated.

The victims itself are starting address intense task of rebuilding societies destroyed.

“When you have these kinds of problems that are so large, everybody is actually apprehensive,” said Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla, the former governor of Leyte, who appointed to be the head of the government’s reconstruction taskforce.

They have no official estimated cost for the recovering and rehabilitating, but then Socio Economic Planning Secretary Arsenio Balisacan suggested that it could be high as $5.8 billion to rebuild homes an immediate priority.

According to the government may have more than 536,000 homes are completely destroyed 500,000 are damaged.

Lawrence Jeff Johnson the ILO country director said the urgently focuses on the employment to provide emergency jobs due to clean up operation.

Johnson said ‘’the reconstruction effort should not be about restoring fragile livelihoods, but about taking the opportunity to help reduce poverty’’.

He told AFP “We’re going to help them build back better by teaching them new skills as carpenters, electricians, plumbers and welders,”.

“We will also work with them on how to set up businesses, so they learn how to run a business.”

Rebuilding the Philippines from tragedy

Rebuilding the Philippines from tragedy

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