Filipinos who are experiencing Covid 19 Symptoms for 4 months.

photo credit abscbn

Long Covid is a situation where a covid patient is suffering symptoms for weeks or even months eventhough the result is already negative . According to the Infectious Disease expert Dr. Rontgene Solante, San Lazaro hospital is already studying the situation and one out of ten covid patient is suffering from Long covid and usually … Read more

Mother Gave Birth to Daughter’s Baby

This is going to be different! I know we’ve seen and know lots of people giving birth but this one is so extraordinary and can melt your heart! This is a mom who gave birth to a child but is not her child but her grandchild. Don’t get it wrong! Watch The Video Below!   … Read more

VIDEO: Two Babies Don’t Realize They Are Already Born

  Many people seen lots of viral videos of twin babies who are born and didn’t realized they are! Here’s another video of a two cute babies holding each other. To compare with other videos, this is one of the amazing videos you will see! It shows here hot the babies imitate their life while … Read more

Lemon is More Stronger than Chemotherapy

What lemon can give? Do you know that lemon has it’s own magical power? Well, seems like people don’t know and we are not informed that lemon has it’s own magic. Main reason that this was kept as a secret because lots of  huge producer of chemotherapy and other treatments will suffer the loss of … Read more

Premature Little Audrey Jean ‘Miracle Baby’ of 15 Weeks Survived

Babies born premature in the world has been increasing and is now in an alarming rate. There are babies who made it and survived and those are so blessed and called ‘miracle babies.’ Audrey Jean Diehl, a premature baby born in 15 weeks instead of 25 weeks pregnancy cause of severe pre-eclampsia and severe IGUR (intrauterine … Read more