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Filipinos who are experiencing Covid 19 Symptoms for 4 months.


Long Covid is a situation where a covid patient is suffering symptoms for weeks or even months eventhough the result ...

Mother Gave Birth to Daughter’s Baby


This is going to be different! I know we’ve seen and know lots of people giving birth but this one ...

VIDEO: Sarah Atwell With a Misshaped Face Went Through A Life-Changing Surgery


  One of the common problems on the society and in the whole world is how we define “beauty” and started ...

Body Builder Ramon Lim Lopez 91- years old Seeks help to be in the Guinness Book Of World Records


  Lots of people posted and shared using social media . A lots of post can be seen trying to ...

Kayla Montgomery ‘The Fastest Runner’ Always Collapse on the Finish Line


  Being a fastest runner like Kayla Montgomery is truly astonishing. But what makes it more wonderful are the story ...

VIDEO: Two Babies Don’t Realize They Are Already Born


  Many people seen lots of viral videos of twin babies who are born and didn’t realized they are! Here’s ...

Rosa Camfield a 101-Year-Old Holds Her Great GrandDaughter Before She Passed Away


Sarah Hamm Gilbert of Arizona shared this photo. She brought her two-year old daughter Kaylee Rowland to meet her 101 ...

Lemon is More Stronger than Chemotherapy


What lemon can give? Do you know that lemon has it’s own magical power? Well, seems like people don’t know ...

Lizzie Velasquez the “World’s Ugliest Women” became the Women Of Bravest Heart


  Physical appearance nowadays is a big issue. It can make you feel insignificant and even ugly. In today’s world ...

Premature Little Audrey Jean ‘Miracle Baby’ of 15 Weeks Survived


Babies born premature in the world has been increasing and is now in an alarming rate. There are babies who ...

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