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Gerphil Flores Impressed the 4 Judges in Asia’s Got Talent Semis 2

Gerphil Flores a Filipino music student just received a wonderful comments from judges for impressing them all with his standing ovation performance.

When we try to remember, Gerphil sang a song that made the Grammy Award Winning composer and music producer David Foster hit the golden buzzer for Gerphil to perform directly on semi-finals of show.

Recently, Gerphil never dissapoint the judges in Asia’s Got Talent instead she made them once again stand in ovation after she sang the “(Where Do I Begin) Love Story”

Gerphil Flores Opera Ballad Impressed Judges. Watch The Video Below!

“You sing so in tune. You really, really have a career. I would love to get my hands on you, because I think I can make you sound even better.” David said to Gerphil.

It was really amazing that all the people in Manila Bay Sands saw how obvious it is what kinf of performance Gerphil has. And yes, it is a World Class Performance.

Meanwhile, despite all of this when Gerphil was asked what she is feeling after all the positive comments of the judges she said that she is so speechless and still shaking because of nervousness but then she can’t still express how happy she is for impressing the four judges.

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