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VIDEO: John Prats And Isabel Oli’S Prenuptial Video

This 2015 lots of engagement and wedding things happened, especially in the world of industry.

As always we all waits for the photos and videos to be uploaded. Here is one of the most kilig and trending wedding in the industry. The official prenup video of the adorable and lovely couple John Prats and Isabel Oli. The video was released by Nice Print Photography on Friday.

The prenup video was taken in Nayomi Sanctuary Resort and Big Bear California. The setting has feat 4 weathers as shows, spring, autumn, summer and winter.

John Prats and Isabel Oli Official Prenup Video. WATCH BELOW!

There, it shows how comfy the couple is. The video shows how they enjoy each other’s company, not just the lovely pictures itself but the happiness they feel. The video has lots of funny moments that brings glow to the adorable couple. It also shows, the sides of the couples. Their cute, genuine and different personalities.

Wondering how the video ended? Yes, simple yet full of love. They were smiling at each other while relaxing having a hot drink in a long cabin.

The lovely couple is set to tie the knot in May at a farm owned by John Prats’ Family on Batangas.

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