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LOOK: Actress Arci Moñuz Finished Her BCMT and is Now an Airforce Reservist

Sgt. Ramona Cecilia D. Moñuz PAFR
Credit: Arci Moñuz Fb

A 31-year-old Kapamilya actress Arci Moñuz is now a sergeant under Philippine Air Force Reserved Command, the official page of AFRC announced in facebook post last October 22, 2020.

AFRC officially announced last Sunday that Arci Moñuz is now Sgt. Arci Moñuz.

Credit: AFRC Laang Kawal Page

“Ms Arci Moñuzis now Sgt Arci Moñuz PAFR!”

“Sgt Ramona Cecilia D Muñoz PAFR completed the Basic Citizen Military Training on 25 October 2020 at Gaerlan Auditorium, HAFRC, Clark Air Base, Pampanga.

Sgt Muñoz PAFR, under the supervision of 1st Air Reserve Center, learned the basic knowledges and skills of soldiery. For thirty training days, she underwent HADR training, marksmanship training, Obstacle Course, Field Training Exercise (FTX) and other activities that prepared her for her future roles as a Reservist of the Phippine Air Force.”

In her Facebook Account post, she’s very proud of herself for finishing such a great feat.

Credit: Arci Moñuz Fb

“I made it! I just want to say I’m very proud of myself for finishing such a great feat. Training with the military was really tough specially with a pandemic looming. I did things I didn’t know I would (and could). Getting here hasn’t been traversed overnight; although what I went through is nothing compared to my colleagues–I feel great admiration for them. I also find myself humbled and it made me gain a renewed self respect. That being said, I hope that I’ll never have to use I learned for violence instead be an inspiration for many to have a sense of comradeship so we can all live in peace.

I will forever cherished and hold on to the learnings and core values that this institution instilled. I will remain a snappy composure and continue to live in the best interest of my nation.

Sincerely yours Sgt. Ramona Cecilia Datuin Moñuz. “

In her latest post, she said that her combat shoes gave her so much pain but she will still choose that over other shoes https://m.facebook.com/ARCIMunoz/photos/a.293121644042730/3649056265115901/?type=3

“To my combat shoes,.. Grabe mo kong sinaktan! Pero ikawpa din ang pipiliin ko sa kahit ano pa mang sapatos jan!! Dahil tinuruan mo kong maging matatag, to have humility, loyalty, to have the sense of valor and to value the importance of Camaraderie. Kaya ikaw pa din paborito ko forever.”

She started her training last June 2020 as a reservist for Philippine Air Force.

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