Expert Claims Global Warming is the Cause of Human dwarfism


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There has a new study based on the scientists in the University of Michigan, discovered that the too much exceeds of a global warming it will returns during the time of Paleocene and Eocene period. That causes people and animals become stunted in growth.

This means that the next generation of the people will inherit this fact. They called this phenomenon a hyper thermal; fifty five million years ago allegedly happened this during Paleocene and Eocene period. And the study of the animal bones their found, that the common horses we’ve seen today are diminishing on that time because of global warming. Based with the bones that they discovered, the sizes of existing horses before are similar sizes to the dog.

However when period had become normal, animals are returned to grow according to its perfect sizes. So we’ve seen that the sizes of mammal in the current period or today are back to its proper sizes. There are twice happened the contraction size of entities due to global warming in the history of the world. No other blamed to those skilled in such circumstances, but the global warming. One possible reason is the decrease of nutrition of crops. Therefore too lacks of substance in the human body or animal that eats, it’s taught another reason for the decrease of carbon dioxide on crops.

The only questions to the next generation they can cope lived event intensifying climate change and diminish them? Are the time will come forward to coming back to normal size the human race to continue living in the planet earth? We will not be able to answer this question because of possible that we are depleted on that time soon cause of global warming.

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