Jet Li’s fight against “Hyperthyroidism”


Jet Li under treatment for Hyperthyroidism
Jet Li under treatment for Hyperthyroidism

Once again the Asian Action Star Jet Li faces another challenge in his life and career fighting hyperthyroidism.

He is diagnose with that ailment and discussed during the taping of one of a talent show which he is one of the judge.

According to the 50 year old actor “”I’m fat, I don’t have the time to lose it. It’s a fact!”. His statement against speculations that he was very ill and considering for him hard to recover.

Hyperthyroidism sometimes change person’s metabolism and specialist told him not do so more extensive exercise because it may affect his health.

Last 2010 when he was diagnosed with overactive thyroid, he started his medication and made it controllable sad to say the disease once again suffered by the action star.

He also states he is just an ordinary human being “I’m not Wong Fei Hung, I’m not Huo Yuan Jia (kung fu heroes he portrays on film), I’m not a hero. I’m just like you. ”

Li is known for his character Once Upon A Time in China as a Kung Fu Master named Wong Fei Hung also he is present in Hollywood film ‘The Expendables 1 & 2″, “Cradle to the Grave and many more.

Hopefully the actor will surpass these trials given to him.




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