Maria Sagana Trending in Youtube “Sha la la” (Photos and Videos)

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Maria Sagana a Pinay teenager who trend in Barcelona through her music recording videos in YouTube. She went viral in social media through her first single release in YouTube title “Sha La La”. Can’t stop the blessings came to her and thank to all Filipino who appreciated him as an icon.

Maria Sagana

 Pinay teenager who gladiatorial in Top 40 Music Charts in España on March 27, 2014. Maria Sagana news in tabloid and news in Barcelona on her first single song “Sha la la” and trend in YouTube almost 100,000-up views in one day.

Maria Sagana

She didn’t expected the support of her c0-Filipino to achieve this blessing to become a Pinay teenager icon on Barcelona. On her first single recording songs on I-Tune “Ready to love” discovered on recording company’s. Having many interviews on radio station and guesting in broadcasting company that discovered her talents.

Maria Sagana

Saliba went viral and discovered on social media due to ABS-CBN interview him live on Barcelona Spain. She want to visit Philippines and thank you to the people who supported him.

Watch the Full Video of his New Single Song “Sha la la” below:


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