Anne Curtis Denies Insulting Sam Concepcion at Vice’s Ganda Party


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Dyebesel star Anne Curtis currently denies insulting Sam Concepcion at Vice Party.

downloadThe said incident happened last March 31 at 71 Gramercy in Makati City.

According to the reports Anne allegedly said to Sam “Why are you here? Who invited you? You are not classy to be here.

The said actress also added that why does he makes fun of her sister (referring to Jasmin Curtis Smith)

Reported the said actress is already loaded with alcoholic beverages during that time.

The said young actor was reportedly the current boyfriend her sister Jasmin.

Hours later after the incident happended Anne replied to the issue via social media website Instagram by posting a photo wherein she, Vice and Sam also her model friend Georgina Wilson and Marco Gumabao were also included in the picture.

According to Anne “What is important is Sam and I are okay and I told him that to take care of my baby sister.”

It is remembered that she was also involved in a slapping incident were in she slaps John Lloyd Cruz to the face saying that the actor makes fun with her group. But the actress apologizes to the JLC about what happened and also she extends her sorry to those personalities that were involved in the incident.

Meanwhile the she was happy about the high rating given to her fantaserye Dyesebel hoping that this will continue till the end of the serye.



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