Bradley Planning to use Marquez Style to Defeat Manny in their Rematch


Manny’s assistant trainer Buboy Fernandez currently reveals that Timothy Bradley is planning to use Marquez style to defeat Manny in their upcoming fight on April 13 this coming Sunday.

Pacquiao-vs.-Bradley-Tactics-500x306Bradley is willing not to use his fighting style in their first fight wherein Pacquiao was defeated, even though the boxing champ lost in the fight many boxing enthusiast really believes that Pacquiao should win the match.

The Dessert Storm is determined to prove to the fans to end the speculations about his unconvincing win against the Filipino boxing icon.

Buboy added if Timothy will still go back to his mistakes during his first fight with Manny, he thinks that his boxing champ friend will have an edge.

Some boxing enthusiast believes that Timothy’s camp is now studying the tape of Pacquiao vs. Marquez wherein the boxing champ suffers a devastating technical knockout defeat from Marquez. Not only the fight between Marquez but also the trainers of Bradley are looking for some loopholes to Pacquiao style of fighting. It is remembered that Pacquiao opens his jaw left vulnerable to Marquez counter punch and snatch the match victory.

Fernandez also added that power is not really essential but what is needed most is to be aggressive during the fight and plan a new tactics that will surprise Bradley during their encounter in the boxing ring this coming April 13.

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