Enrique Gil Technique’s On Handling Money- Know More & See Actual Video Here!!!


Kapamilya premiere actor Enrique Gil share’s his technique on how to handle his money properly.

imagesDespite of having much income derived from latest projects and endorsements, the actor still handle his finances properly budgeted. In fact Enrique still asks for a daily allowance from his mother who tends to be the legal tender of his earnings.

In the Thursday episode of Kris TV, The King of the Gil wants his mother to keep his income so that he won’t buy any unneeded things. The actor also added that impulsesive sometimes cannot be avoided so that’s why he also brings money needed for his daily expenses.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As2IXi8QFng[/youtube]The actor noted that his mother gives him money that is only equal to his need; he understands how important savings is, so that’s why as much as possible he doesn’t want to touch it. He added that if he wants to buy something he just wants to ask permission from his mother.

But the actor shared that his mother sometimes advice him to buy what he want because it is his money. Sometimes the actor does not consider bringing atm but instead he uses credit cards.

When it comes to outfits Gil gives the decision to pick to his mother because he believes his mother knows his fit.

“She knows my style. Sometimes, when she goes out, ‘Ito gusto ni Quen yan.’ Alam niya. She just calls me to say, ‘Quen I saw this, I kn’ow you’ll like it.’ Pagdating, gusto ko nga,”

As of now Gil is busy taping the remaining episode of “Mirabella”.





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