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Krista Miller Claims DOJ Won’t Keep An Eye On Her-Know why?

Sexy Starlet Krista Miller claims that DOJ (Department of Justice) won’t keep an eye on her with regards to controversial visiting issue with one of the notorious drug lord named Ricardo Camata.

Krista Miller Caught on CCTV camera

Krista Miller Caught on CCTV camera

In her latest interview with Punto for Punto together with the host Anthony Taberna she was glad that the Justice Department excludes her name in the list of person to be investigated with regards to the anomaly happened.

Miller said “Hindi na po ako pinatawag at masaya ako sa resulta na sinabi ng DOJ na hindi na po ako isasama sa investigation,”

The sexy actress was seen in the CCTV camera wherein she goes inside a room together with Camata. Some speculated that they are doing something controversial.

But the said starlet claimed she was just doing business with Mr. Camata by means of selling some condo units.

In her interview with ABS-CBN she was so emotionally depressed because of the unprecedented comments and bashes on her in the social media.

According to Camille Joy Capinding she questions the real business of Miller to Camata saying it is not just natural to sell a condo unit to a certain inmate.

The comment goes this way “Hindi, Sinong Matinong Nagtitinda ng Condo and Magtitinda sa Preso sino ang gagamit aber”.

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