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Extra Pay For Employee’s Who Worked On July 27 & 29

Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) released an advisory that workers who work on this dates July 27 and 29 will receive an extra pay.

doleIt is remembered that the Malacañang declared  July 27 is a special non-working holiday in relation to the celebration of the 100th Year Anniversary of Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) and in 29 our Muslim brothers will commemorate Eid L’ Ftr, the said date will be a regular holiday.

Labor secretary Rosalinda Baldoz announced last Friday that workers who reported on these days will be entitled to extra pay wherein they will receive twice the amount of their regular pay for the first eight hours and 30% for the services rendered in excess of eight hours (overtime).

Baldoz added that those labourers who are under their day-off if ask to work will received 230 percent for the first eight hours and 30% if they will undergo extra time to finish their work.

If a certain employee will chose not to work in those days, he will also be paid in his regular rate per day. Workers who will report today shall be entitled to 30% on top of their daily pay.

Some companies give this benefit provided he is present before the regular holiday. For example July 29 is a regular holiday, a certain employee must be present on July 28 so that he will be entitled to be paid or an employee must file a leave of absence on Monday July 28, so he can claim the extra payment.

But Baldoz urge a “No Work No Pay Policy” depending on the company’s discretion or company and employee bargaining agreement.


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