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Tom Taus From “Cedie” To A Disc Jockey “DJ”

Former child wonder Tom Taus revealed his dream to be a disc jockey. It is remembered that Tom created a milestone in his career portraying Cedie: Ang Munting Prinsipe in 1996 which almost gives him fame because of his outstanding performance before he and his sister Antoinette migrated in US and stayed there for almost a decade.

tomIn an exclusive interview in Philstar, the actor revealed that until now some people see’s him as Cedie wherein he want change his image from a child actor to his chosen profession as a professional disc jockey. But Tom is happy about that as of some people do not see him as Cedie anymore but also as DJ Tom.

He also added that his desire is to let people know how he transformed from a promising child actor to a Disc jock.

“I want people to know what I do now. I’m not Cedie anymore, you know?

Meanwhile the actor said after they migrated to US his passion was diverted from acting to music that why he becomes a DJ and doing this for almost nine years.

But the actor revealed he is still open doing acting depending on the role given to him. Also he added that he never regret his decision to leave his promising acting career because his passion for music is greater that showbiz.

The former movies of the actor were Batang Z and Anak ng Bulkan.

As of now he here in the country together with her sister Antoinette that has recently signed a contract under Viva Films.

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