Latest Innovation: ECG Shirts Detects & Sends Warning Signs Of Heart Problems To Wearer Via Smartphones


Heart problems is the most deadly disease that is occurring now-days often called as a “Silent Killer”, but science formulated a solution to those heart patients suffering from various heart disease because early detection is a must.

The ECG shirts works by sending heart impulses monitored in the patients smartphone aiming for early signs of heart attack or possible worst case scenarios. It is applicable also to pregnant women to monitor the heart rate of their unborn babies. Meanwhile this new innovation is really amazing and hopefully this will available in market soon.

[youtube][/youtube]But for me this new invention is only for those people with financial freedom, what about those other people that do not have the capacity to buy ECG shirts, hopefully this will be available to public with a low price.

Thank you for watching and come back for more amazing science inventions that could ease your health problems.


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