No matter how many times the basketball player try, he still fails to score points.


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Some say’s that “Try and try until you succeed” but I think this funny basketball video has something to say about trying anything and in the end you won’t find success, this just only describe the video in this article it is nothing to do about our life.

Basketball fail

It is just funny because how many times the number he attempt to score a points and he end up nothing. But good for him he is trying his best to point a basket no matter how many times he attempts to score points.

But if we put this situation in our life this video is a different thing. We all know that failure is part in our daily routine. We should take it as guide in order for us to succeed in the end. Obstacle and failures are part of our daily life, we should face it no matter how hard it is.

Thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoy!

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