Take A Glance To The First Ever “Hello Kitty” Themed Airplane- So Cute!


As part of Sanrio World of Animation “Hello Kitty” is considered to be an iconic cartoon character which loves by some adults and small children. It’s popularity is widespread along the globe, but have you ever once in you’re mind that there is an “Hello Kitty” themed airplane. Sounds interesting isn’t it?

Now you will witness this plane based on Taiwan with almost 100 planes manufactured in the country. Inside the plane you can see “hello kitty” various stuffs like pillows, boarding passes and the crew of the planes also wears Hello Kitty costumes. So Adorable.

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kglBUhzyVa0[/youtube]According to the staff and management of the airlines, they aimed to give the passengers a one of a kind and memorable  travel experience.

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