How He Hit The Incoming Arrow Is Really Breathtaking! A New Level Of Archery!


I was stunned at the whole time watching Lars Andersen doing his archery skills, I really thought that it can only be seen in the movies but when Andersen does his skills I really feel like watching a movie. This new level of archery is really amazing he has a lot of techniques that he got from the history.

Lars Anderson loves bow and arrow. He uses the Syrian technique in his archery skills. This method that he is using is a Syrian method which use in the war long time ago. This is the best type of shooting and there is nothing beyond it in power and accuracy according to Arab archery book.

Anderson’s skills in archery are unbelievable he could shoot ten arrows within only 4.6 seconds, how could you imagine that? Since the invention of guns or powered weapons they already had forgotten the bow and arrow.

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