People Can’t Afford to Pass By Him Without Stopping To Hear Him Singing With His Amazing Dual Voice, Incredible!


I love singing, and I love to see every individual who can sing with confidence and trust to himself. Good singing is one of the best God-given gift to human being. Somebody possesses this gift has all the reasons to become more confidence and proud of himself.

Like this young Filipino street singing performer, he can sing everywhere not only because he possesses good singing talent but because he has more than just talented individual that can sing with a dual voice. He can sing with a voice of a female despite of his masculinity by nature.

If you’re going to hear him on this video footage without looking him on the screen, you can appreciate more with his dual voice as he renders the song entitled “The Prayer.” His performance outclassed some other gifted with dual voices who performed on the top of the prestigious stage in a contest.

We are trying our best to feature this guy in our site hoping we can help him to be discovered by a talent manager to give him good opportunity to showcase his talent to prove himself what he can do.

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