Kayla Montgomery ‘The Fastest Runner’ Always Collapse on the Finish Line



Being a fastest runner like Kayla Montgomery is truly astonishing. But what makes it more wonderful are the story in what’s behind Kayla’s success.

At the end of every competition her Coach Patrick Cromwell is always in the end of finish line waiting and cheering for her. Coach Patrick is always there to catch her because every time she finishes the race, she always collapses.

Watch the Video Below. This obtain over 5 million views. 


Kayla is undergoing a disease called MS, Multiple sclerosis. The motor coordination and movement in her body begins and starts to have a problem when her nervous system attacks her. When her body heat rises from normal, from her toes to up she began to feel numb and she can’t feel it but when her temperatures goes back to normal she will feel it back.

As an average student, that’s where and when Kayla start and wanted to be in the varsity. From being an average she improves and progresses as one of the fastest runner in North Carolina.

It is hard for her when she cannot feel her toes and legs but she continuously learns until she can take a step and with the other.

Kayla’s last race in high school caught the eye of crowd. She lose her balance and stumbled but she went back on her feet and started running again. She won 1st place and her coach never leave her.

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