Update : Michelle Banaag withdrawn the case she wants to file against Super Tekla!


Michelle Banaag accused her live-in partner Super Tekla of abuse in the program “Raffy Tulfo in Action”.

Banaag’s accusations includes Tekla would force her to make love eventhough she’s not feeling well and when she refused , Super Tekla  will not give allowance and leave without leaving them money for food.

On the statement released by Super Tekla , he denies all the allegations thrown to him because he could never do it to Michelle since he also had female relatives as well.

Super Tekla said that he was really hurt by Bagaan’s allegation. He also said that he is the one compromising a lot in their relationship that being intimate is part of it however Bagaan’s repeatedly deprived him of it but he did not force her in sleeping with him.

Super Tekla also clarify the issue that he is not fulfilling his financial duties to their family ,he is fully supporting their child Baby Angelo with all his needs.

Some of Super Tekla’s friend such as Donita and Ogie Diaz defended him against Bagaan’s accusations

In the last Episode of Raffy Tulfo, Michelle Bagaan is planning to file a case against Super Tekla however  for the update Bagaan decided to withdrawn the case she wants to file and wanted to settle the issue for the sake of their baby and for her family. Bagaan also signed the letter of an agreement made by Tekla’s manager.

Michelle and Super Tekla’s case is now closed!

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