Mocha Uson Pregnancy Linked Robin Padilla Is The Actor The Father?


Trending topic now in social media is the rumored pregnancy of Mocha Uson and the pinpointed father is Robin Padilla.

According to a showbiz oriented website Fashionpulis one of the netizen commented that Padilla is responsible for Uson’s pregnancy.

Mariel Rodriguez replied a laughing emoji which contemplates that rumors should not given attention and just move on.

Rodriguez stated “So many people are sending me messages… “checking” on me. People are tagging me bla bla bla… let me tell you this. ROBIN’S BROTHER PASSED AWAY. He is grieving. He has never been in so much pain all his life. He doesn’t need your baseless gossip. Namatayan ng kapatid yung asawa ko. Please lang po. He doesn’t even know anything about all this rumor but i am putting a stop to this NOW. May oras para maging assholes now is not that time. Please.”

The actors wife ask Robins critics to stop and respect the what he feels upon the passing away of his late brother Royet Padilla due to cardiac arrest and has no time for baseless gossip.

However the blind item still unrevealed wherein it states “a female celebrity is pregnant from a well known male actor”.

As of there is no clarification yet on the issue.

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